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Museum Ships Weekend Event – 7 / 8 of June, 2014

Ham Radio Activation of “Elettra“ Yacht  - I Y 4 E Y

Villa Griffone - Pontecchio Marconi (ITALY) - JN54PK


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"The white ship that sailed in the miracle and that animated silences”
(Gabriele D’Annunzio)

A.R.I.  Fidenza Radio Club (Italian Radio Amateur Association) is the promoter of a technical and cultural event
to be held in Pontecchio Marconi , Bologna, Italy,  on the 7th and 8th of June 2014

The event has already won the prestigious patronage of the Guglielmo Marconi Foundation (www.fgm.it), that promotes research in telecommunications and undertakes initiatives aimed at the diffusion of scientific knowledge and of the work of Guglielmo Marconi. 

The event aims to highlight internationally the historical value of "Elettra" yacht, which was the “mobile laboratory” of the great scientist Guglielmo Marconi, on board of which were carried out important experiments related to radio communications. The vessel was then forge of study to the best applications of Hertzian waves, allowing the continuous progress of radio communications.

In addition, 110 years have passed since the launch of the ship , which took place in 1904 .

For these reasons, in conjunction with the international contest  "Museum Ships Weekend Event", radio amateurs of ARI Fidenza Club will activate

a radio station nearby the portion of the yacht Elettra

kept at the Museum of Villa Griffone in Pontecchio Marconi (Bologna, ITALY), to ideally revive his "voice" and allow the radio amateurs all over the world to contact her. 

The "Museum Ships Weekend Event “ ( www.nj2bb.org ) is an international competition organized by the “ Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station NJ2BB " gang , ARRL affiliated  (American Radio Relay League). The event occurs every year and aims to enable worldwide radio stations on board or nearby  naval merchant/leisure/military museum units .

The particularity  of the contest is therefore that, in addition to the purely competition related to the contest itself, the boats are ideally "revived", even if only for a weekend a year enhancing  the value of human history and technology

The ARI Fidenza Radio Staff will be on frequency from Elettra during the entire weekend .

The Italian Ministry of Communications has granted the use of a unique and special "Marconian Memorial Callsign" which will be used during radio communications over the two days:
I Y 4 E Y
( “Elettra Yacht “ )

Amateur radio operators around the world will be able to connect the "Marconi station" par excellence: ELETTRA, the mobile laboratory of the great scientist.

In consideration of its meaning, the initiative enjoys the friendly support of the Princess Elettra Marconi and his son GUGLIELMO

Since this is an international event, will be also made a special commemorative QSL card that will be sent to each connected amateur radio station.


QSL Manager : IQ4FE

QSL via bureau or direct


For Direct QSL – QSL via diretta (no IRC - no stamps ! ) :

Italy : SASE (busta preaffrancata e preindirizzata)

Europe : 2$ SAE

Pacific Area : 4$ SAE

Others countries : 3$ SAE

In case of insufficient contributions, QSL will be sent via bureau.

For more informations, contact us.

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