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I I 1 W I L - USS Williamsburg - BACK "ON AIR" !


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A.R.I. Fidenza Radio Club ( A.R.I. affiliated , Italian Association of Radio Amateurs) of  Fidenza (PR), Italy (JN54BU), realized a technical and cultural  Event La Spezia, Italy (JN44WC)  on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2012.

Our aim is to highlight internationally the historical value of the United States  Presidential yacht  "USS Williamsburg" which was used by Presidents Truman and Eisenhower and currently remains   in appalling  conditions at a shipyard in  La Spezia , Italy . The historical Events the Ship witnessed and the fact that she  now   threatens to be demolished led us to raise awareness about its dramatic, undeserved situation.

For this reason, in conjunction with the international contest "Museum Ships Weekend Event", the members of ARI Fidenza Radio Club will operate a short wave radio station nearby that Old Lady  to bring ideally "her voice" throughout the world. We hope our action will enhance and encourage the struggle of the "USS Williamsburg Preservation Society" (Pasadena, MD) to promote the recovery and restoration of the Ship.

This will be a special, unique event : in fact, the participation to the Museum Ships Weekend Event is granted only for 2012 editon. A special QSL Card will be made for QSOs  with the special call  I I 1 W I L  , assigned to the boat . 

The "Museum Ships Weekend Event “ ( www.nj2bb.org ) is an international competition organized by the “ Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station NJ2BB " gang , ARRL affiliated  (American RadioRelay League). The event occurs every year and aims to enable worldwide radio stations on board or nearby  naval merchant/leisure/military museum units (or units in state of pending musealization: this is our case , so they granted us a special permission and  only for 2012 edition of the Contest).
The particularity  of the contest is therefore that, in addition to the purely competition related to the contest itself, the boats are ideally "revived", even if only for a weekend a year enhancing  the value of human history and technology.
The nature of the event will force the notification to amateur radio worldwide, but also to general  media  (national and international).

A great event that will combine the technical-amateur activity with the wider "historical-cultural" aspect,  in perfect harmony with the "Amateur Radio Mission" which is essentially an  educational and research activity aimed to bringing this brotherhood to peoples and nations beyond the barriers of languages, races, religions.


Link : Read the glorious history of  USS Williamsburg.

View the impressive video document about Williamsburg made by one of our collaborators:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4_ViPgKHBE


Some of the most recent press notes regarding Williamsburg:



More details as soon as possible .

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