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Museum Ships Weekend Event – June 3 rd and 4 th, 2017

Elettra Back On Air!    I Q 4 F E

Ham Radio Activation of
“Elettra“ Yacht  

Villa Griffone - Pontecchio Marconi (ITALY) - JN54PK

With the sponsorship of the “Guglielmo Marconi Foundation”

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Event poster    Event presentation

A.R.I. Fidenza (Parma – Italy), affiliated to the Italian Radioamateur Association (A.R.I.),
organizes a techincal – cultural event, hold  at the seat of the
Guglielmo Marconi Foundation (Villa Griffone – Pontecchio Marconi , Bologna – Italy)

on saturday, June 3.rd and Sunday, June 4.th, 2017.

Aim of this event is to highlight at an international level the historical value and meaning of the
Yacht “Elettra”
, the moving laboratory of the great Italian scientist,
onboard of which a number of very important experiments on the radiocommunications were conducted.

Over the whole weekend,   the radioamateurs of the A.R.I. Fidenza group will operate a
radio station located close to the relict keel of the yacht “Elettra”
kept at the Museum, and will ideally give new life to its
, allowing the radioamateurs overall in the world to get in contact with it.

The radio contacts will be operated using A.R.I. Fidenza Club callsign
I Q 4 F E

Considering the exceptionality of the event, the Guglielmo Marconi Museum
will be open at special visiting times,
with guided tour, on SUNDAY June 5.th, approximately
between 9,30 and 11,30 a.m.

The project has obtained the prestigious sponsorship of the Guglielmo Marconi Foundation,
which is known as promoter of research activities in
the field of the telecommunications and undertakes initiatives aimed
to disseminate the knowledge about the scientific activity conducted by the great Italian inventor.  

The event will take place in conjunction with international happening
“Museum Ships Weekend Event”, organized by the american association
“Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station NJ2BB” affiliated to the ARRL (American Radio Relay League).
This event takes place every year during the first weekend of
june, and has te goal to allow the Radio activation of hundreds of radioamateur stations located on board of museum battle ships.

Therefore, beside the radioamateur aspects of the event, its peculiarity is therefore that
the concerned ships are someway ideally “resuscitated”, even
if over a weekend only, allowing to highlight their historical, technological and human value and meaning.

The Radioamateurs over all the world will then be able
to partecipate to the event by performing radio contacts
with the Marconi Station “par excellence” :  ELETTRA, the moving
laboratory of the great Italian scientist.


A special commemorative QSL card will be sent to any contacted Radioamateur Station.

QSL MANAGER : IQ4FE  -  QSL via Bureau or direct

For direct QSL, please NO IRC, NO STAMPS ! :

For Italy : SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope);

For Europe : 2 US $ + SAE (Self Addressed Envelope);

For Pacific Area : 4 US $ + SAE;

For other countries : 3 US $ + SAE;

For any insufficient money contribution, the QSL will be sent via bureau.

For any detail and information : www.arifidenza.it  and www.fgm.it     Event poster    Event presentation


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